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The results that we have come across to the people by our treatment has motivated us to develop more Varmam practitioners to serve the society. To meet the requirement and support those who want to learn and extend their service to the needy people, we are offering on the job training to medical and allied graduates under the following categories in our therapy centre.

Selected medical graduates will have:

  • Opportunity to work under the direct supervision of experienced Medical Officers and to interact with Consulting Doctors from various disciplines who are visiting our Coimbatore therapy centre.

  • Opportunity for hands on training directly from Dr.N.Shunmugom, Ph.D., Varmam Researcher, Honorary Advisor to Arts Research Institute. He has trained more than 500 physicians working in Tamil Nadu Government Hospitals and PHC, based on invitation from Directorate of Indian Medicine and Homoeopathy. In collaboration with Ayurveda Medical Association of India(AMAI), he has also trained 1000+ Ayurveda doctors across the country.

  • Opportunity to work with more than 100 new patients every week and apply Varmam therapy to more than 500 patients every week. Since Coimbatore therapy centre is the Head Centre, patients with complications are sent here from other therapy centres belonging to this institution.

Interested eligible candidates may contact us through email with a soft copy of their resume.


On successful completion of the training, the institute will issue a certificate of training.

Trainee Medical Officer

Medical graduates can join our institute to enhance their knowledge on Varmam therapy, Special therapies in Varmam and applications of such Varmam therapies. They will also have the opportunity to work on various research projects to scientifically prove the efficacy of Varmam therapy.

Trainee Medical Nurse

Medical nursing graduates can join our institute to enhance their knowledge on application of Varmam therapy to the patients.

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