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Project Vathsalya Bhavam

Project Vathsalya Bhavam

The goal of the project is to teach parents the Varmam skills they need to treat their special child at home to speed up the progress to normalcy.

Children suffering from conditions such as cerebral palsy, autism, attention deficiency hyperactive, development delay and Down syndrome seem to respond well to Varmam treatment. We have been treating such special children across our centres in India since 2006 and are greatly encouraged by the results.

Cerebral palsy is a condition in which a critical part of the brain is affected. Symptoms could range from disruption of upper / lower limb functions to various sensory problems, i.e. of hearing, sight, speech etc. These children are often dependent on their parents and caregivers for their daily needs.

Every little step such children take towards independence not only improves the quality of their life, but also brings great stress relief to their parents. The Child’s improved condition has made enormous difference in the whole family’s day-to-day living.

Since the children are making good progress, we felt that if a parent or care giver is taught a basic Varmam protocol, he or she will be able to apply the Varmam points on a daily basis, at home. This will speed up the progress of the child towards normalcy and independence. This formed the basis for starting ‘Project Vathsalya Bhavam’.

During Vathsalya Bhavam camp, pre-registered parents were trained to apply required Varmam points. They can apply learned Varmam points to their children at home, on daily basis. The workshop was conducted under the supervision of doctors. The results of Project Vathsalya Bhavam were very encouraging.

Particulars showing the details of free Varmam medical camp
Conducted during initial phase of Project Vathsalya Bhavam

Sl.No. Date Place/Centre No. of Beneficiaries
1 09.06.2010 Coimbatore 22
2 30.06.2010 Erode 24
3 05.08.2010 Tirupur 16
4 25.09.2010 Chennai 21
5 25.09.2010 Chennai-Kolathur 24
6 23.10.2010 Tiruchy 21
7 11.12.2010 Thanjavur 25
8 11.12.2010 Kumbakonam 26
9 09.06.2011 Coimbatore 24
10 22.06.2013 Tiruchy 28
11 17.08.2013 Chennai-Teynampet 47
12 17.08.2013 Chennai-Pallavaram 29
13 18.08.2013 Chennai-Kolathur 19
14 08.09.2013 Puducherry 24

Second Phase of Project Vathsalya Bhavam

On completion of 10th anniversary of the institute, it was decided to start the second phase on Project Vathsalya Bhavam.

In this regard, first program was conducted on 21st Feb 2016 at Ramlakshmi Paradise, Madhavaram, Chennai. The chief guests for the free varmam medical camp were Dr. A.M.Moorthy, Ph.D, Vice Chancellor, TNPESU, Chennai, Dr. K.Ravi, M.D(S), Joint Advisor Siddha, Ministry of AYUSH, New Delhi and Mr. Karthi Sivakumar, film actor.

Totally 343 children with special needs attended this free varmam medical camp and get benefitted. Sixty physicians of all medical fields, including 19 Allopathic and 48 from other medical fields such as Siddha and Ayurvedha were part of this workshop. Around 120 volunteers of the organisation from various cities and more than 150 volunteers from Chennai helped in conducting the workshop seamlessly.

Doctors first examined the children and their medical reports to assess their current status and then prescribed appropriate Varmam points to them. Then the volunteers, who had learnt these Varmam techniques, taught these points to the parents making them administer the points to their child. The parents who attended the workshop were immensely pleased to give treatment to their children by themselves, with the training provided to them.

The parents were provided, free of cost, a handbook, which has pictorial explanation about the application of Varmam points and a CD containing video instructions on the treatment. Parents and children were provided lunch. Play pen were arranged for the children to engage them during the wait time. All these were provided at free of cost.

We have conducted similar Vathsalya Bhavam camps at Nagercoil, Tirupur, Namakkal and Chennai. The details are furnished below:

Sl.No. Date Place/Centre No. of Beneficiaries
1 21.02.2016 Chennai-Madhavaram 343
2 01.03.2016 Chennai-Kolathur 38
3 15.03.2016 Chennai-Kolathur 40
4 22.03.2016 Chennai-Kolathur 47
5 24.04.2016 Nagercoil 317
6 19.06.2016 Tirupur 633
7 23.10.2016 Namakkal 517

As a follow up of above conducted camps, two review camps were conducted as detailed below:

Sl. No. Date Place/Centre No. of children
1 17.09.2016 Chennai 96
2 05.02.2017 Nagercoil 56
3 Tirupur
4 Namakkal

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